Stripping Motorcycle For Engine Repair

Use the following procedure to strip the motorcycle for either cylinder head and cylinder removal for repair with engine in chassis, or for engine removal for complete overhaul.

1. Remove seat.

2. Drain gas tank. Disconnect fuel line and remove gas tank.

3. To remove instrument cover take out mounting base center screw and pry off cover side plate located at trip mileage set screw.

4. Release seat clevis spring, pull clevis pin and tip seat forward.

5. Remove upper cylinder head bracket. Note washers between bracket and frame lug, use same washer when bracket is assembled.

6. Remove spark plugs to avoid damaging. Disconnect ground wire at battery.

7. Remove air cleaner cover, filter element, air cleaner back plate and air cleaner back plate support bracket from carburetor body.

8. Remove carburetor intake manifold clamps.

9. Disconnect throttle and choke controls from carburetor. Remove carburetor.

10. Remove exhaust pipes.

At this stage, the cylinder heads and cylinders may be removed.

To remove engine crankcase or complete engine, continue stripping motorcycle as follows:

11. Remove pivot bolt from left foot board and swing rear end of foot board down away from chain guard cover. Remove chain guard cover. Remove compensating sprocket shaft nut.

Remove clutch and sprocket assemblies as described in "Disassembling Clutch," Section 4.

Remove alternator magnet ring (rotor) using puller tool. Part No. 95960-52A. See "Alternator," Section 5.

12. Remove four bolts, attaching inner chain housing at engine. See "Removing and Repairing Inner Chain Housing," Section 2. Note that rear 2 bolts are safety wired to prevent loosening.

Loosen the 4 inner chain guards to transmission attaching bolts.

Remove chain oiler hose at oil pump. Remove other hoses from connections at back of chain housing.

13. Disconnect timer wire at coil; alternator plug from crankcase and remove rectifier/regulator.

14. Remove footboard rear stud nut from inside of frame member and front footboard mounting stud bolts from brake master cylinder by removing nut and lockwasher on back side. Remove brake master cylinder attaching stud bolt which passes through master cylinder and frame with a lockwasher and nut on back side of frame member. Remove brake master cylinder sideplate bolt located behind master cylinder plunger boot. Master cylinder and side-plate assembly is free to swing down away from engine crankcase. For FX models, remove footrest, brake, pedal assembly.

15. Remove exhaust system.

16. Disconnect wire from oil pressure switch. Drain oil tank and remove oil lines from oil pump. Remove crankcase breather pipe.

17. Remove two front and two rear engine mounting bolts. Engine is now completely stripped and may be removed from right side of motorcycle.

Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly.

1. Install engine in chassis. Tighten mounting bolts to 35-40 ft-lbs torque.

2. Loosen transmission mounting bolts.

3. Install new O-ring on crankcase.

4. Check inner chain case housing bearing. Replace if necessary using Harley-Davidson "Stud and Bearing Mount," Part No. 99626-77 in bearing recess. Install new oil seal.

5. Connect chain case hose and install inner chain case on transmission mainshaft.

6. Loosely assembly chain case mounting bolts (finger tight) to crankcase.

7. Install chain housing four nuts on transmission studs and tighten to 30-35 ft-lbs torque.

8. Tighten chain case to engine mounting bolts to 18-22 ft-lbs torque.

9. Tighten transmission mounting nuts to 18-22 ft-lbs torque.

10. Install new safety wire on chain case to engine two rear mounting bolts.

11. Pack chain case bearing recess with grease.

12. Install clutch, compensating sprocket, primary chain and chain adjuster.

13. Install chain case cover, using a new gasket.

14. Assemble remainder of components in reverse order of disassembly.

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