To 1975

1. Retaining ring

2. Lower piston

3. Lower stop

4. Orifice washer -5. Valve

6. Spring washer

7. Valve body

8. Retaining ring

9. Upper piston

10. Roll pin

11. Upper stop

12. Shock absorber tube

13. Fork tube

Figure 2-40. FX Front Shock Absorber - Exploded View

DISASSEMBLING FORK SIDE - 1976 TO 1978 (Figure 2-41)

Remove O-Ring (3) from inner groove in tube cap (1) and slide off washer (4). Pull spring (5) out of fork tube (2).

Check boot (11) where it rubs on fork tube (2). The tube should show a bright, shining surface, free of scoring or abrasions and the boot should present a good, continuous seal and not show excessive wear.

Replace spring (5) if broken.

Inspect small hole in groove in lower end of fork tube (2) and see that it is not obstructed.

Make sure 0-ring (3) is in good condition, without irregularities. and that it provides proper sealing when in place.

Check both washers (7 and 16) to see that they provide a good seal when used with their respective screws (6 and 15) to prevent oil leakage.

Repair bent or damaged fork tube (2) as described in "Straightening Fork Tubes" later in this section. Reassemble parts in reverse order of disassembly.

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