Toward Inside Of Lever


Adjust control cable sleeve (1) as required to maintain approximately 1 /4 in. free hand lever movement before clutch starts to disengage. To adjust, loosen adjusting sleeve locknut (2) turn threaded sleeve out for less hand lever free play or into bracket (3) for more hand lever free play and re-tighten locknut.

If sleeve adjustment has been all taken up or there are other indications of incorrect clutch operation such as slipping clutch, gear clash due to dragging clutch when shifting, the following adjustments should be made in the order shown.

Move end of lever on transmission forward until it becomes firm indicating that all slack in the actuating mechanism has been taken up.

Measure clearance between starter motor (7) and clutch release lever (8) which should be 3/8 to 5/8 in. If not within this range, adjust as follows:

Loosen control coil adjusting sleeve locknut (2) (Figure 4-2) and turn control coil adjusting sleeve (1) all the way into bracket. Remove chain housing cover, loosen clutch push rod screw locknut (4) and turn screw (5) in (clockwise) to remove lever (8) to the rear, or outward (counterclockwise) to move end of lever forward. When 1 /2 in. clearance between lever and starter motor has been attained, tighten locknut (4) and reinstall chain housing cover.

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