Toward Inside Of Lever

Figure 2-58. Correct Handlebar Control Cable Assembly

Remove cotter pin (16), cam lever washer (17) from cam lever stud (20). Disconnect cable ferrule from anchor pin in hand lever by loosening clamp nut (10) and depressing brake hand lever. Slip cam lever assembly off stud. Make complete disassembly in order shown.


Remove front wheel and brake assembly from motorcycle as described in "Removing and Installing Front Wheel." Remove operating shaft nut (2) and operating lever (3). Lightly tap operating shaft (4) to remove brake shoes (8), springs (9), operating shaft (4), washer (5) and pivot stud (6) as a unit from brake side plate (7). Remove shoes from operating shaft (4) and pivot stud (6).

If the front wheel brake cable is not free in its housing, is frayed or broken, replace cable. Remove clevis clamp nut and clamp. Free cable from clevis and pull from upper end of coil. Install new cable from upper end of housing as positioned on motorcycle, applying a light coat of grease as it is inserted into coil. When reassembling cable ferrule in hand lever anchor pin with side slot, be sure slot is toward inside as shown in Figure 2-58.

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