Figure 3-23. Slipping Cylinder Over Piston

After installing piston pin to connecting rod, install new piston pin lock ring. Make sure ring groove is clean and that ring seats firmly in groove. If it doesn't, discard the ring and install a new one. A lock ring loosely installed will rapidly loosen further in service and finally will come out of piston groove, resulting in both piston and cylinder soon being damaged beyond repair.

Never install a used lock ring or a new one if it has been installed and then removed for any reason, always use a new lock ring.

Lubricate cylinder walls, pistons, pins and rod bushings with engine oil. Rotate rings until gaps are equidistant around rear piston. Turn engine until crank pin is at bottom center. Install new cylinder base gasket. Position Piston Inserter Ring Tool, Part No. 96333-51A on rear piston and slip rear cylinder down over piston as shown in Figure 3-19.

Install lockwashers and nuts and pull them down evenly. Tighten nuts to 32-36 ft-lbs torque. Repeat process to assemble front cylinder.

Assemble cylinder heads and remaining portions of motorcycle as indicated in "Assembling Cylinder Heads," and reverse order of "Stripping Motorcycle for Engine Repair."

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