Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is recommended to improve handling and reduce vibration, especially at high road speeds.

Harley-Davidson has made available the following spoke balance weights which press over the spoke nipple

1 oz. weight. Part No. 95582-47 3/4 oz. weight. Part No 95581-47 1/2 oz weight. Part No. 95578-41

Cast aluminum wheels require the special self-adhesive weights listed below:

Aluminum color 1 oz. weight, Part No. 95588-75 1/2 oz. weight. Part No. 95587-75


1 oz. weight, Part No. 95591-77 1/2 oz. weight. Part No. 95590-77

Self adhesive wheel weights should be applied to the flat surface of the rim. Make sure that area of application is completely clean, dry and free of oil and grease Remove paper backing from weight and press firmly in place so that arrow on weight points in the direction of wheel rotation If 1 oz. or more of weight must be added at one location, split the amount so that half is applied to each side of the rim Wheel should not be used for 48 hours to allow adhesive to cure completely.

In most cases, static balancing using wheel truing stand. Part No. 95500-29A, will produce satisfactory results However, dynamic balancing, utilizing a wheel spinner, can be used to produce finer tolerances for best high speed handling characteristics. Follow the instructions supplied with the balance machine you are using. The maximum weight permissible to accomplish balance is 3-1 /2 oz total weight applied to the rim. Wheels should be balanced to within 1/2 oz. at 60 mph.

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