Adjusting Shifter Linkage

FOOT SHIFT. The foot shift linkage normally requires adjustment only to compensate for wear or when transmission has been moved. Only the shifter rod needs adjustment to maintain correct pedal position and prevent interference with crankcase.

Remove cotter pin and clevis pin, securing the shifter rod to the shifter cover. Loosen the locknut and adjust the threaded ends on rod. Adjustment is important, as any interference will prevent full movement of foot lever and full engagement of shifting parts inside transmission. Securely tighten locknut after adjustment is made. Reinstall clevis pin and cotter pin.

ADJUSTING FOOT SHIFTER COVER. When it is impossible to shift mechanism into all gears, adjust as follows:

Place sleeve (C, Figure 4-8) on end of main drive gear. Slide body (B) over sleeve with body stop rod downward. Turn body clockwise until stop bears against transmission case or mounting plate. Hold body in this position and insert center punch (E) through each of the three holes in body and center punch oil seal as shown in Figure 4-9.

Remove body (B) and drill a 3/32 in. hole through metal face of oil seal at each punch mark. Replace body and insert the three self-tapping screws (D) through body and into oil seal. Tighten screws until body is against oil seal.

Turn actuating screw (A) into body and continue turning as shown in figure 4-11 until oil seal is free. Discard oil seal and oil seal cork washer found behind seal.

Disassemble shifter cover parts 1 through 12 as described in "Disassembling Shifter Cover," see Figure 4-12. Time shifter notches as illustrated in Figure 4-14. Loosen screw (14, Figure 4-12) and rotate adapter plate (16) until timing notch (Figure 4-14) In adapter plate, located at bottom of shifter gear hole, lines up with notch between two shifter gear teeth. Make alignment exact, then tighten adapter plate bracket screw to lock in position. This adjustment can be made with shifter in any gear (not neutral).

Assemble shifter cover in reverse order of disassembly.


Remove burrs with scraper from outer edge of oil seal recess in transmission where metal was staked to secure seal. Position new cork gasket.

Apply a light coat of Harley-Davidson "Gasket Eliminator Sealant," Part No. 99633-77 to the outside diameter of the new oil seal. Coat lip of seal with oil or grease to prevent damage when installing.

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