Assembling Clutch Figure

Assemble clutch in approximate order of disassembly.

If parts 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 have been disassembled, preassem-ble them on clutch hub as follows: Place clutch releasing disc (6) on hub. Position springs (5) on pins and studs. Place spring collar (4) over springs. Note that stud holes are arranged so it fits in only one position. Turn adjusting screw lock nut on adjusting screw until head is flush, then turn into pressure plate with 1-3/4 in. washer under nut. Remove this assembly from hub.

Place key in slot in mainshaft. Slip clutch hub onto shaft. Install new oil seal in clutch hub nut. Position lock washer followed by hub nut. Tighten nut to 50 to 60 ft-lbs torque Bend over the ear on washer matching hub nut flat. Grease clutch shell bearing and install clutch shell.

Install lined and steel discs in clutch shell, staggering position of steel disc buffers in key slots in shell. Make sure steel discs are installed with side stamped "OUT" facinc outward.

Install pressure plate assembly. Draw down adjusting nut until stud nuts may be started. Turn down stud nut until 1-3/4 in. washer is loose. Remove washer and replace adjusting nut.

Draw down stud nuts evenly until distance from back o1 pressure plate to front of clutch releasing disc is 1-1/32 in

Make final adjustments to clutch as described in " Adjusting Clutch Foot Control," or "Adjusting Clutch Hand Control," and "Adjusting Clutch."

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