Figure 523C

Ignition timing should be checked every 2500 miles.

Use a strobe flash timing light (timing gun) to view advanced timing of flywheel through accessory plastic view plug, Part No. 96295-65, screwed into timing inspection hole. Make sure view plug does not touch flywheels. Timing light leads should be connected to the front spark plug, ground and battery positive terminal. Start engine and set engine speed at 2000 rpm. Light will flash each time spark occurs. Loosen sensor plate screws just enough so that plate can be shifted using a screwdriver in notch as light aimed into inspection hole stops timing mark in center of hole. Timing will retard automatically when engine is at idle speed or is stopped. See table below. The small dot which appears on or near the front cylinder advanced timing mark indicates rear cylinder advanced timing.


Engine RPM

Ignition Timing




21 ° BTDC

Above 1600

35° BTDC

0 0

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