Fuel System

3. High idle adjusting screw 10. Throttle stop screw 17. Throttle lever 48. High idle cam

Figure 3-46. Carburetor -1979 and Earlier


Fuel Supply System (Figure 3-48)

Fuel from gas tank passes through inlet valve (21) into float chamber (29). The fuel entering causes float (23) to rise until it shuts off fuel valve, stopping flow at a level pre-de-termined by float level setting.

Figure 3-48. Fuel Supply System Low Speed System (Figure 3-49)

The low speed system functions at idle, low and intermediate speeds when the throttle valve is closed or only partially open. Fuel is first metered at the main jet (26) and then is metered a second time as it flows through the low speed jet (25). When the throttle valve is closed, fuel flows into the venturi almost entirely through the idle port where it is metered by the low speed mixture screw (12). As the throttle gradually opens, fuel flows through bypass passages to the bleed tube portion of the low speed jet (25) where it mixes with the air from the low speed air passages.

High idle adjusting screw Limiter cap Throttle stop screw Throttle lever Choke plate Choke lever shaft Mounting flange Accelerating pump lever Rocker arm Rocker arm spring Intermediate lever High idle cam

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