Adjustment Fallaway

Check steering head:

• At the 1600 km (1000 mile) service interval, adjust steering head bearing fall away.

• At every 48,280 km (30,000 mile) service interval, disassemble, inspect and repack the steering head bearing. See 2.29 STEERING HEAD.

1. Support motorcycle in an upright position so the front end is completely suspended and the vehicle is level.

2. Remove all accessory weight and P&A parts, such as a windshield, or any part that may influence the way the front end swings.

Figure 1-42. Fall-away Measurement

3. See Figure 1-42. Place masking tape on front fender to protect surface. Tape ruler to protected area on front fender.

4. Install a pointer so the base is stationary on the floor and the pointer indicates the center of the fender. The front end should be straight ahead, however the balance point may be slightly off center.

5. See Figure 1-48. Loosen fork stem bracket pinch bolts (1).

6. Check steering fall-away.

a. Tap the tire on one side until the front end begins to "fall-away" by itself. Record mark on ruler.

b. Repeat the previous step in the other direction.

c. Measure distance between marks.

7. The distance between the "fall-away" marks must be 127-178 mm (5.0-7.0 in.). Tighten or loosen adjuster nut (9) until the measurement is within limits.

a. Remove fork stem cap (6), bend down the fork stem lockwasher tabs (8), and loosen fork stem nut (7).

b. If the distance is more 178 mm (7.0 in.) loosen adjusting nut (9).

c. If it is less than 127 mm (5.0 in.), tighten the adjusting nut (9).


Tighten fork stem nut (7) to 61-74.5 Nm (45-55 ft-lbs) each time fall-away is checked.

Figure 1-43. Steering Head


If adjustment seems to have no impact, check to see if fork tubes are stuck in clamps. If necessary, strike triple clamps with a dead blow hammer to free. Retest steering head bearing tension after freeing forks.

Figure 1-44. Tighten Steering Head

8. Tighten fork stem bracket pinch bolts (1). to 41-47 Nm (30-35 ft-lbs).

9. Repeat the "fall-away" procedure to be sure the adjustment is correct.

10. When fall-away is within 127-178 mm (5.0-7.0 in.) bend up the fork stem lock washer tab (8) and replace fork stem cap (6).

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