1. See Figure 1 -52. Turn the cable adjusters (2, 4) and jam-nuts (3) as short as they will go. Both cables should have zero adjustment at the start of this procedure.

2. Point the front wheel straight ahead.

a. Turn the throttle grip wide open and hold it there.

b. Turn the throttle cable adjuster (2), lengthening the sleeve, until the throttle cam just touches the cam stop.

c. Tighten the adjuster jamnut (3) and release the throttle.

3. Turn the front wheel full right.

4. Turn the idle cable adjuster (4), lengthening the sleeve until the cable housing just touches the spring in the cable support sleeve.


Check that the throttle control operates freely without binding. Irregular or sticking throttle response could cause a loss of control, leading to an accident which could result in death or serious injury.

5. Check adjustment.

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