Assembly And Installation

Figure 2-30. Throttle Cable Routing

1. Apply a light coating of graphite to handlebar and inside surface of housings.

2. See Figure 2-29. Attach control cable assemblies to lower housing.

a. Push silver insert of the cable housing into hole in front of tension adjuster screw. Snap in retaining ring.

b. Push gold insert of idle cable housing into hole at rear of tension adjuster screw. Snap in retaining ring.

c. Install adjusting screw, spring and friction pad in lower housing if they were removed.

3. Position throttle grip on the handlebar. Place lower housing on throttle grip.

4. Fit ferrules (2) over cable balls. Slide ferrules into throttle notches and rotate so cables fit grooves (3) in throttle grip.

5. Fasten upper housing to lower housing using two screws. Tighten to 4-5 Nm (35-45 in-lbs).

6. Route throttle cables through right side hole in upper fork clamp and behind radiator cover along side battery.

Figure 2-30. Throttle Cable Routing


Throttle cables must be routed alongside battery between hold down strap and coolant overflow bottle. Routing throttle cables over battery and/or under battery hold down strap can cause damage to cable coverings and cables.

7. Insert throttle cable barrels on throttle cam and fit cables into guides.


Do not tighten the friction adjustment screw to the point where the engine will not return to idle automatically. This could lead to an accident which could result in death or serious injury.

8. Adjust cables for correct throttle opening and closing. See 1.21 THROTTLE CABLES.

9. Install airbox. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

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