1. Rotate the front cylinder piston to TDC. Remove plug from timing hole on right side of engine and insert CRANKSHAFT LOCKING PIN (HD-45306).The CRANKSHAFT LOCKING PIN should insert flush with engine case.

2. See Figure 3-236. Insert water pump shaft through case until flush with case on cam drive side.

3. See Figure 3-237. Position triple gear on water pump shaft and drive chain on crankshaft drive gear. Squeeze drive chain to simulate the chain position with the chain tensioners in place. Walk chain around crankshaft gear to change position.

4. See Figure 3-238. Install primary chain fixed tensioner. Note the flat in the chain tensioner bore and the flat on the mounting shaft in the case.

Figure 3-236. Water Pump Shaft
Figure 3-237. Triple Gear Timing Marks
Figure 3-238. Primary Chain Fixed Tensioner

5. See Figure 3-239. Use a small screw driver to help guide the chain over the edge of the primary cam chain fixed tensioner.

6. See Figure 3-240. Retract the chain tensioner and install PRIMARY CAM CHAIN TENSIONER RETAINER (HD-45326).

7. Confirm the position of the timing marks.

8. See Figure 3-241. Install primary chain hydraulic tensioner fastener. Tighten to 9.7 Nm (85 in-lbs).

9. See Figure 3-242. Install triple sprocket fastener. Tighten to 23 Nm (17 ft-lbs).

10. See Figure 3-243. Install fastener on primary chain fixed tensioner. Tighten to 9.7 Nm (85 in-lbs).

11. See Figure 3-244. Insert 8 mm pin through case and rear cylinder hydraulic cam chain tensioner.

Figure 3-239. Water Pump Shaft
Figure 3-240. Primary Chain Tensioner Retainer
Figure 3-241. Primary Chain Hydraulic Tensioner
Figure 3-242. Triple Sprocket
Figure 3-243. Primary Chain Fixed Tensioner
Figure 3-244. Rear Cylinder Cam Chain Tensioner

12. See Figure 3-245. Front hydraulic and rear fixed cam chain tensioner interlock. Position in case and insert 10 mm pin.

13. See Figure 3-246. Position front cylinder fixed cam chain tensioner and insert 10 mm pin.

14. Install cylinder heads. See 3.21 CYLINDER HEADS.

15. Installing and timing the cams. See 3.22 INSTALLING AND TIMING THE CAMS.

Figure 3-245. Front Hydraulic and Rear Fixed Cam Chain Tensioner
Figure 3-246. Front Cylinder Fixed Cam Chain Tensioner
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