1. See Figure 2-101. Carefully press new right side bearing (7) into fork.

2. See Figure 2-103. Snap new c-clip into groove in center of left side pivot bore.

3. See Figure 2-102. Press new inboard (1) and outboard (4) bearing races into pivot bore.

4. Pack the new tapered bearings (2, 3) with HARLEY DAVIDSON WHEEL BEARING GREASE (HD-99855-89)

5. Install inboard bearing, bearing spacer, and outboard bearing into bearing races.

6. See Figure 2-101. Fit new dust seals (3) over left and right sides of bearings.

1. Inboard bearing race

2. Inboard tapered bearing

3. Outboard tapered bearing

4. Outboard bearing race

5. Bearing spacer

Figure 2-102. Left Pivot Bearing Components

Figure 2-103. C-clip Bearing Race Separator in Left Pivot Bore

7. With soft hammer, tap dust seals into place.

1. Slide rear fork assembly into position.

2. See Figure 2-101. From right side, slide pivot shaft (8) through dust seals (3), rear fork pivot bearings (4, 7) and engine mounts, spacers (5, 6).

3. Apply two or three drops of LOCTITE® 243 (blue) to threads of pivot shaft nut (2). Install and tighten pivot shaft nut (2) to 61-75 Nm (45-55 ft-lbs).


Proper pivot shaft tightening is important to maintain rear fork alignment.

4. Check for freedom of rotation of rear fork around bearings and that fork and frame side rails have not been distorted when pivot shaft nut was tightened.

5. Install both rear shock absorbers. See 2.32 REAR SHOCK ABSORBERS.

6. Install rear brake caliper and clip brake line to rear fork. See 2.20 REAR BRAKE CALIPER

7. Install rear wheel. See 2.23 REAR WHEEL.

8. Install belt guard and debris deflector. See 2.31 BELT GUARD/DEBRIS DEFLECTOR.

9. Install maxi-fuse and right side cover.

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