Do not modify ignition wiring to permit motorcycle operation with headlamp off. Operating with headlamp off may reduce your visibility to other motorists and cause an accident, which could result in death or serious injury.

Check headlamp for proper height and lateral alignment:

• When the new owner takes delivery of the motorcycle.

• When there is a change in load (adding luggage, etc.).

1. Verify correct front and rear tire pressure. See 1.11 TIRES AND WHEELS.

2. Place motorcycle on level floor (or pavement) in an area with minimum light.

3. See Figure 1-85. Position motorcycle 7.6 m (25 ft) away from a screen or wall. Measure the vertical distance from center of headlamp to floor, and draw a horizontal line (A) on screen or wall at same height above floor.

4. Load vehicle with rider, passenger (if normally present) and any cargo. Weight will compress vehicle suspension slightly.

5. Stand motorcycle upright with both tires resting on floor and with front wheel held in straight alignment (directly forward).

6. See Figure 1-86. Turn ignition switch ON. Set handlebar headlamp switch to HIGH beam position.

7. Check light beam for alignment.

a. The main beam, which is a broad, flat pattern of light, should be centered equally above and below the horizontal line.

b. The main beam of light should also be directed straight ahead. Properly adjusted headlamps project an equal area of light to right and left of center.

c. Adjust headlamp alignment if necessary.

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(25 ft)

Figure 1-85. Headlamp Alignment

Figure 1-85. Headlamp Alignment

Figure 1-87. Headlamp Alignment Fastener
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