Jiffy Stand And Lower Frame Rail Improvement For V

Wear gloves and protective eyeglasses (or face shield) when performing the following procedure. The jiffy stand spring tension could cause the spring, attached components and/or hand tools to fly outward at great speed and could cause death or serious injury.

3. With leg in the retracted position, detach spring (6) from jiffy stand leg (5), and anchor (7).

4. Remove clevis pin (2) by gently tapping on pin from bottom to drive pin up through mounting bracket.

5. Pull out jiffy stand leg and remove upper and lower bushings.

6. Loosen and remove the anchor (7).

7. Remove rubber bumper (1), if necessary.


Jiffy stand brackets can be replaced by replacing the left lower frame rail. See 2.4 FRAME/LOWER FRAME RAILS.

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