Use care not to damage the new races' tapered surface. The race should be firmly seated against the shoulder in the bore. If it is loose, the steering head adjustment will become loose, adversely affecting the motorcycle's handling, which may lead to an accident which could result in death or serious injury.

5. When bearing races are fully seated in bore of steering head, pack new bearings with HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPECIAL PURPOSE GREASE (HD-99857-97).


Do not use a sleeve that is larger than the inner race of the bearing or bearing cage may be damaged. A damaged bearing cage will require replacement of both the cage and the bearing.

6. Install a new lower seal on fork stem.

7. Use sleeve or drift that will contact only inner race of bearing and press lower bearing into place on fork stem.


A sleeve (drift) to press on the lower fork stem bearing can be constructed out of thick walled pipe, 22.86 cm (9.0 in.) long with an inside diameter of 25.65 mm (1.010 in.) and an outside diameter of 31.75 mm (1.250 in.).

1. See Figure 2-94. Insert fork stem (10) and lower triple clamp (14) assembly into frame steering head and install a new upper bearing (8) and new seal (7). Secure with adjusting nut (6). Tighten adjusting nut until bearings have no noticeable shake. Fork stem must turn freely from side to side.


Overtightening adjusting nut will cause the bearings to wear excessively leading to the need for premature bearing replacement.

2. Install upper triple clamp (4), a new lockwasher (3). Be sure pin on lockwasher registers in upper bracket hole.


An improperly adjusted fork stem nut may adversely affect handling, which could lead to an accident which could result in death or serious injury.

3. Thread on and finger tighten fork stem nut (2).

4. Fasten brake hose bracket to lower triple clamp (14). Tighten bolt to 6-10 Nm (53-89 in-lbs).

5. Install fork tube assemblies into bottom and top triple clamps (4, 14).

6. See Figure 2-93. The fork tube should project above upper triple clamp 0.64-0.97 mm (0.25-0.038 in.). Tighten pinch bolts to 41-47 Nm (31-34 ft-lbs).

7. Install handlebar brackets, handlebars, clutch and brake lever assemblies.

8. Install headlamp assembly. See 2.21 HANDLEBARS.

9. Install front fender and bracket. See 2.27 FRONT FENDER.

10. Install front wheel assembly. See 2.22 FRONT WHEEL.

11. Install right and left front brake calipers. See 2.18 FRONT BRAKE CALIPERS.

12. Adjust steering head bearing fall away. Tighten or loosen adjuster nut until the fall away measurement is within 127-178 mm (5.0-7.0 in.). See 2.29 STEERING HEAD.

13. See Figure 2-94. Tighten fork stem nut (2) to 61-75 Nm (45-55 ft-lbs). Bend the lockwasher (3) tab against nut flat.

14. Replace fork stem cap (1).

Figure 2-97. Steering Head Bearing Race Installer (HD-39302)
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