How To Drain Coolant From Vrsca

Allow engine to cool before opening the radiator cap to work on the liquid cooling system. Coolant can be extremely hot and at high pressure. Opening a hot cooling system may result in death or serious injury.

22. Place a suitable container under radiator and open pressure cap.

23. See Figure 2-13. Remove drain plug (1) and drain coolant from radiator. Leave container under engine until all coolant has been drained through front cylinder coolant drain plug.

24. Replace radiator drain plug (1) and tighten to 9-11 Nm (80-97 in-lbs).

25. Use a long thin screwdriver (Snap-on Part No. SDD1410) to loosen worm drive clamps on radiator hoses.

Snap Sdd1410

1. Negative battery cable copper L-bracket

2. Front cylinder coil connector

3. Regulator ground

4. Throttle position sensor connector

5. Idle air control actuator connector

6. Purge solenoid fitting

7. Main engine sensor connector

8. GND1

10. Horn ground wire

Figure 2-11. Wiring Connections

Figure 2-11. Wiring Connections

Harley Oil Cooler Oil Drain

1. Stator to regulator connector

2. Top and bottom fan power connectors

3. Crank position sensor connector

4. Wiring frame clip

1. Stator to regulator connector

2. Top and bottom fan power connectors

3. Crank position sensor connector

4. Wiring frame clip

Figure 2-12. Left Side Wiring Connectors

Figure 2-14. Front Cylinder Coolant Drain Plug

Vrod Radiator Drain Plug

Drive sprocket

Sprocket flange locking device Retaining bolt Sprocket nut

Figure 2-13. Radiator Cover Left Side

Motorcycle Wiring Connection FigureRod Coolant

26. Loosen and remove cross member fasteners from lower left frame rail.

27. Put radiator/oil cooler assembly forward at the bottom. Loosen and unthread oil line sleeves (18) at crankcase (oil in) and oil filter (oil out) mount.

28. Remove radiator/oil cooler assembly. See 6.8 RADIATOR/OIL COOLER.

29. See Figure 2-14. Finish draining coolant by removing front cylinder coolant drain plug. Replace front cylinder coolant drain plug and tighten to 9.7 Nm (86 in-lbs).

30. Remove engine coolant pipes. See 6.6 COOLANT PIPES AND HOSES.


Dispose of antifreeze in accordance with local regulations.

31. Remove drive sprocket cover. Remove debris deflector/ belt guard if required for clearance.

32. See Figure 2-15. Loosen and remove bolts (3) holding drive sprocket locking device. Discard bolts.


Do not remove the sprocket nut.

33. Loosen rear wheel axle nut. Move wheel forward and slip belt off drive sprocket.

34. See Figure 2-15. Remove retaining bolts (3). Remove drive sprocket (1).

35. Remove exhaust system. See 2.7 EXHAUST SYSTEM.

36. Remove secondary clutch actuator cover and secondary clutch actuator. See 2.16 SECONDARY CLUTCH ACTUATOR.


It is not necessary to loosen flare nut or to remove clutch fluid line from the secondary clutch actuator. Allow secondary clutch actuator to hang from clutch fluid line.

37. At front of engine, pull back solenoid cable protective boot from starter post and loosen and remove nut. Remove solenoid cable terminal ring. See 5.4 STARTER.

38. Remove nuts holding starter solenoid to frame and pull solenoid off of frame studs. See 5.5 STARTER SOLENOID.

1. Drain plug

2. Cover fastener and washer

Figure 2-13. Radiator Cover Left Side

Figure 2-14. Front Cylinder Coolant Drain Plug

Drive sprocket

Sprocket flange locking device Retaining bolt Sprocket nut

Figure 2-15. Drive Sprocket

39. See Figure 2-16. Position ENGINE ASSEMBLY SUPPORT FIXTURE (Part No. HD-45317) under engine. Align the two hex socket-head bolts (2) at rear of fixture with mounting screw detents (4) at bottom rear of oil pan. Align the two separated hex head bolts (1) on each side of front of fixture with corresponding mounting screw detents (3) on sides of oil pan. Using scissors jack, lower motorcycle until engine oil pan screw detents rest on hex socket-head bolts.

40. Remove nut and travel limiting washer from center motor mount bolt. Remove center mounting bolt.

41. Remove fasteners holding front motor mount bracket to engine.

42. Remove studs securing frame motor mount bracket to frame. Pull front motor mount assembly forward through frame rails.

43. Remove tie link bolt and spacer from engine case. See 2.5 FRONT ENGINE MOUNT.


Maintain tie link length for reinstallation. Do not loosen jam nuts on tie link.

44. Remove rear fork pivot nut and slide out pivot shaft. Rear fork can be left in place.

45. Loosen fasteners holding rear engine mount bracket. See 2.8 REAR ENGINE MOUNTS.

46. Remove shifter arm with linkage attached from engine shifter shaft.

47. Remove engine ground cable from frame.

48. Remove lower left frame rail with footrest, foot shift lever/ linkage, and tie link attached. See 2.4 FRAME/LOWER FRAME RAILS.


Drain Jam Nut

1. Hex socket-head bolt- side

2. Hex socket-head bolt- rear v0100x2x

Haley Hex Feet

3. Mounting screw detents - side

4. Mounting screw detents - rear

Figure 2-16. Engine Assembly Support Fixture Alignment

Harley Neutral Switch Connector
Figure 2-17. Neutral Light Sender Connectors
Harley Neutral Switch Connector Push

Figure 2-20. Engine Strapped for Hoisting

Coolant Change Harley Rod

Figure 2-19. Vehicle Speed Sensor Connector

Harley Davidson Vrod Radiator Drain

Figure 2-18. Stoplamp Switch Connectors


Do not push on the engine to move the engine. Support the engine and pull on the fixture handles.

49. With engine resting in ENGINE ASSEMBLY SUPPORT FIXTURE (HD-43517), gently pull on handles to work engine partially out of left side of frame.

50. See Figure 2-17. Pull connectors to neutral light sender under drive sprocket.


The neutral light sender stays in the engine.

51. Pull purge solenoid hose off of charcoal canister (California models only).

52. See Figure 2-18. Pull connectors from stoplamp switch.

53. Pull electrical harness to stoplamp switch and purge solenoid hose (California models only) through top of the cavity in engine cases.

54. See Figure 2-19. Disconnect vehicle speed sensor wire from connector at top of frame under relay block and pull wire and connector down out of frame.


The vehicle speed sensor and wire connector stay attached to the engine.

55. With fixture handles, pull engine out of frame onto left side extension.

56. See Figure 2-20. Engine may be secured with straps for hoisting.

Figure 2-18. Stoplamp Switch Connectors

Figure 2-19. Vehicle Speed Sensor Connector

Figure 2-20. Engine Strapped for Hoisting

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