Topping Off Harley Vrod Antifreeze




Coolant & battery tester - Fahrenheit


Coolant & battery tester - Celsius

Do not remove the pressure filler cap when the engine is hot. The cooling system is under pressure and hot coolant and steam may escape causing severe burns. Allow engine to cool before servicing the cooling system.

1. Allow cooling system to cool.

2. Remove right side cover and maxi-fuse.

3. Open seat. Using a cloth over pressure cap, turn cap 1/4 turn counterclockwise (CCW) to safety stop. Let pressure escape. Press down and turn cap to pass over safety stops and remove.

4. Use COOLANT AND BATTERY TESTER (HD-23688 or HD-26568) to test antifreeze protection.

a. Place a few drips of sample on prism and close cover.

b. Hold prism up to light and read temperature scale through eye piece.


There are several scales visible in eye piece. Read only the temperature scale labeled ethylene-glycol. If the indicated temperature is less than the rated or required protection, replace the antifreeze.

5. Remove airbox cover. Remove air filter top, and air filter. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

Figure 6-8. Front Coolant Drain Plug @ 9.7 Nm (86 in-lbs)

Figure 6-9. Air Bleed Plug @ 9-11 Nm (80-97 in-lbs)

6. See Figure 6-7. Remove left side radiator cover. Place a container under engine coolant radiator and remove radiator drain plug (1) and drain coolant from the radiator.

7. See Figure 6-8. Place a container under engine and remove front engine coolant drain plug. Allow remaining coolant to drain from engine.


With the motorcycle in normal orientation, there is no need to remove the rear engine coolant drain plug.

8. Install and tighten radiator drain plug to 9-11 Nm (80-97 in-lbs).

9. Install and tighten front engine coolant drain plug to 9.7 Nm (86 in-lbs).

10. Replace radiator cover.


De-ionized water must be used with the antifreeze in the cooling system. Hard water can cause scale accumulation in water passages which reduces cooling system efficiency, leading to overheating and engine damage.


The coolant mixture contains toxic chemicals, which may be fatal if swallowed. Vapors can cause eye irritation. Contact with skin or eyes can cause irritation. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting; call a physician immediately. In case of skin or eye contact, flush thoroughly with water, go to hospital if necessary. Dispose of used coolant according to federal, state, and local regulations.

11. See Figure 6-9. Loosen air bleed plug.

12. Through the filler neck, fill with GENUINE HARLEY-DAVIDSON EXTENDED LIFE ANTIFREEZE & COOLANT up to lower sealing surface in filler neck.

13. Replace pressure cap and tighten air bleed plug to 9-11 Nm (80-97 in-lbs).

14. Replace air filter, air filter top, and airbox cover.

15. Replace maxi-fuse and side cover.

16. After running engine, check coolant level in overflow bottle with coolant cold with motorcycle on jiffy stand. If level is below COLD FULL line, add antifreeze to overflow bottle until fluid level reaches COLD FULL line.

17. Continue to run engine, check level, and add antifreeze until fluid level remains at COLD FULL line with motorcycle on jiffy stand.

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