To avoid accidental start-up of vehicle and possible personal injury, remove the maxi-fuse before proceeding. Inadequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury.

2. See Figure 4-2. Remove maxi-fuse.

3. Remove the two hex-nuts fastening the mud flap stud plate and the mudflap to the frame fender weldment. Remove the mudflap and the stud plate. See 2.36 REAR FENDER/SUPPORTS.

4. Disconnect the wire connector to the purge solenoid.

5. Gently pull off the charcoal canister to purge solenoid hose.

6. Gently pull off the purge solenoid to throttle body hose.

7. Remove the hold down bolt and the purge solenoid.

5. Install the mudflap and stud plate to the frame fender weldment. Thread on and tighten the two hex-nuts to 8-12 Nm (71-106 in-lbs). See 2.36 REAR FENDER/SUPPORTS.

6. Replace the maxi-fuse and the right side cover.


On non-California models the wire connector to the purge solenoid is capped with a resistive plug. However, the diagnostic codes will be the same. See RESISTIVE PLUG in 4.4 VAPOR VALVE.

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