Figure 5-7. Starter Solenoid

8. Install airbox cover. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

9. Replace the maxi-fuse and the right side cover.

When closing the seat, make sure the ignition switch is in the FUEL position. If the ignition switch is in any other position when the seat is closed, the seat latch mechanism could be damaged.

10. Turn ignition switch to FUEL and close seat. Then turn ignition switch to LOCK.

After installing and locking seat, pull upward on the latch side of the seat to be sure it is locked in position. If seat is loose, it could shift position during vehicle operation resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and death or serious injury.


Negative battery cable Black wire lead Solenoid cable Green wire lead U-shaped bracket

Figure 5-8. Solenoid Bracket Hex-Nuts (exhaust system removed for clarity)


6.1 Specifications 6-1

6.2 Coolant Flow 6-2

6.3 Engine Coolant 6-8

6.4 Thermostat 6-10

6.5 Water Pump 6-12

6.6 Coolant Pipes and Hoses 6-14

6.7 Oil Line Fittings 6-17

6.8 Radiator/Oil Cooler 6-18

6.9 Oil Cooler 6-21

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