Do not exceed more than the tire manufacturer's recommended pressure to seat the beads. Inflating the tire more than the manufacturer's recommended pressure to seat the beads can cause the tire rim assembly to burst with sufficient force which could result in death or serious injury.

6. Center tire to wheel and inflate tire to trial seat bead on the rim. Identify any spot around rim where bead does not seat correctly before deflating the tire.

7. While inflating a second time, press down on sidewall opposite spot where bead did not seat during first inflation.

8. Continue to deflate and inflate tire while by pressing on side of tire opposite any spot on tire where bead is not seating. Continue procedure until tire is centered all the way around rim.

9. Install a new valve core and adjust air pressure as required to match recommended pressures. See 1.11 TIRES AND WHEELS.

10. Check tire for both radial and lateral runout. See TIRE RUNOUT in 2.26 TIRES.

11. Balance tire as required. See 2.26 TIRES.

12. Clean wheel and rim of any rubber lubricant or soap used in mounting tire.


Lubricants or detergents can cause corrosion on the motorcycle's wheel if not removed immediately after mounting and balancing a tire.

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