Footpegs must fold upward and rearward. This will allow footpeg to fold, if by accident, it strikes ground surface when making a sharp turn. Failure to set footpeg to the proper fold-up angle could result in death or serious injury.

3. Orient footrest (3) to fold upwards on contact with ground.

4. Install clevis pin (4) through left side footrest axle (7), footrest (3), and spring washer (5). Secure with a new retaining ring (1).

5. Install right side footrest axle (7) through rear brake pedal (10). Using LOCTITE® 243 (blue), thread in and tighten retaining bolt to 11-17 Nm (9-12 ft-lbs).

6. Install clevis pin (4) through right side footrest axle (7), footrest 3), and spring washer (5). Secure with a new retaining ring (1).

7. Install clevis pin through rear brake pedal clevis and master cylinder brake rod.

8. Cover the face of clevis pin and clevis with cardboard. Holding the brake pedal (10) firmly, tap on a rod to seat shoulder of clevis pin into clevis. Install new cotter pin.

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