Damaged or leaking valves must be replaced.


New radial tires are extremely stiff and tires stored near the bottom of a tire stack may take a compressed set.


Warm radial tires mount easier than cold tires. Prior to mounting, store new tire in a warm area and/or in sun light. Tire temperature should not exceed 48° C (120° F).

1. Valve core

3. Metal washer

4. Rubber grommet

Figure 2-83. Valve Stem

1. See Figure 2-83. Replace damaged or leaking valve stems.


Leaving the valve core out of the valve stem will allow a sufficient volume of air to inflate the radial tire to seat the beads on the rim.

a. Insert valve stem with rubber grommet (4) in place into rim hole.

b. Install metal washer (3) over valve stem.

c. Install nut (2). Tighten to 1.4-1.7 Nm (12-15 in-lbs).

Thoroughly lubricate bead on both sides of tire with a rubber lubricant. Lubricate inside diameter of bead and side wall. Lubricate rim flanges and safety hump on wheel.

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