1. See Figure 2-49. Route remote reservoir (3) and hose behind rear brake pedal. Press reservoir mounting studs into slots on radiator cover.

2. Fit square on bottom of master cylinder cartridge housing (2) into square hole of mounting bracket.

3. See Figure 2-51. Install the clevis pin (16) through the brake pedal (15) clevis and master cylinder brake rod (18).

4. Cover the face of clevis pin (16) and clevis with cardboard. Holding the brake pedal firmly, tap on a rod to seat shoulder of clevis pin into clevis. Install new cotter pin (17).

5. Apply LOCTITE® 243 (blue) to threads of jam nut (10). Thread jam nut (10) on cartridge housing and tighten to 41-54 Nm (30-40 ft-lbs).


To avoid leakage, verify that the banjo bolt, brake line fitting and master cylinder bore are completely clean.

6. Lubricate new steel/rubber washers (29) with D.O.T. 5 SILICONE BRAKE FLUID. Position new steel/rubber washers on each side of brake line (33). Insert the banjo bolt (28) through washers and fitting. Tighten to 23-31 Nm (17-23 ft-lbs).

7. Stand the motorcycle upright so that the reservoir is in a level position. Clean and remove reservoir cover.

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