Low pressure compressed air can blow debris into your face and eyes. Always wear eye protection and a face shield when using pressurized air. Failure to take adequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury.

3. Blow out drilled passages and bore with a clean air supply. Do not use a wire or similar instrument to clean drilled passages in bottom of reservoir.

4. Carefully inspect all parts for wear or damage and replace as necessary.

5. Inspect piston bore in master cylinder housing for scoring, pitting or corrosion. Replace housing if any of these conditions are found.

6. Inspect outlet port that mates with brake line fitting. If any scratches, dents or other damage is found on this critical sealing surface, replace housing.

7. Inspect cover, sight glass and gasket for cuts, tears or general deterioration. If gasket and/or sight glass replacement is necessary, proceed as follows:

a. From inboard side, push sight glass toward top of cover until free.

b. Pull rubber gasket from cover.

c. Fit nipple of new gasket into hole of cover aligning gasket and cover thru holes.

d. From bottom of gasket, push flat end of sight glass through nipple until top of glass is flush with top of gasket. Verify that glass is square in bore. If lubrication is necessary, use clean brake fluid.

To rebuild front brake master cylinder, use the components found in the SERVICE PARTS KIT No. 45072-96C.

1. See Figure 2-39. Fit o-ring (17) into groove at front of piston (16).

2. Fit primary cup (15) over lip at back of piston (16) so that closed side (smaller OD) contacts shoulder.

3. Coat piston bore of housing with special lubricant supplied in the service parts kit. Also apply the lubricant to OD of installed o-ring (17) and primary cup (15).

4. Clip spring retainer (13) onto end of spring and insert spring (14) into master cylinder bore so that spring retainer snaps into the recess at bottom.

5. Slide piston (16) over spring.

6. Fit wiper (18) over piston cup (19) so that the flat side of wiper contacts cup shoulder.

8. Press down on wiper (18) until it contacts counterbore. Larger OD of wiper must be completely seated in groove on outlet side of piston bore.

9. Install cover (3) with gasket (4) on master cylinder reservoir. Install two screws (1) to fasten the cover to reservoir, but do not tighten at this time.

10. Align hole in brake hand lever (11) with hole in master cylinder reservoir (5). From top of assembly, slide pivot pin (22) through reservoir (5) and hand lever (11).

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