Read the operating manual for the manufacturer and model of tire machine used. Failure to follow operational procedures or to heed any cautions/warnings in the manual for the tire machine could result in death or serious injury.

3. See Figure 2-80. Use a pneumatic bead breaker to loosen bead. Rotate wheel and apply bead breaker at several points along circumference of the rim until entire bead drops into rim well.

Figure 2-80. Pneumatic Bead Breaker

4. Install wheel onto jaws of tire machine. Lubricate tire bead with soap solution.

5. Fit wedge over rim of wheel.

6. See Figure 2-81. Pull bead up over rim in one spot and fit bead to wedge. Spin wheel to draw full length of bead over rim and off wheel. Do not use excessive force when starting bead over rim.

Figure 2-81.Tire Machine Pulling Bead Off Rim


Follow the tire machine manufacture's recommendation for the correct placement of the bead on the mandrel. Incorrect mounting may damage the bead and ruin the tire.

7. If necessary, repeat for opposite bead and remove tire from wheel.

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