British Imperial System

Fluid volume measurements in this Service Manual do not include the British Imperial (Imp.) system equivalents. The following conversions exist in the British Imperial system:

Although the same unit-of-measure terminology as the U.S. system is used in the British Imperial (Imp.) system, the actual volume of each British Imperial unit-of-measure differs from its U.S. counterpart. The U.S. fluid ounce is larger than the British Imperial fluid ounce. However, the U.S. pint, quart, and gallon are smaller than the British Imperial pint, quart, and gallon, respectively. Should you need to convert from U.S. units to British Imperial units (or vice versa), refer to the following:

• fluid ounces (U.S.) x 1.042 = fluid ounces (Imp.)

• fluid ounces (Imp.) x 0.960 = fluid ounces (U.S.)

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