If airbox is not to be reinstalled immediately, cover throttle body intakes with tape to prevent contaminates/ objects from falling down the throttle bores. Do not use shop rags or objects that could damage the throttle body butterflies.

3. Cover air intakes to prevent debris from entering cylinders.

4. Remove block drain screw. Drain cooling system. See 6.3 ENGINE COOLANT.

5. Loosen clamps at each intake and lift throttle body straight up.

Figure 1-9. Intake Clamps, Throttle Body Removed


Observe the position of the clamps for reassembly.

6. With throttle cables attached, wrap a shop towel around body for protection and secure away from engine.

7. Cover intake openings to prevent objects from falling into intake bore.Remove throttle body and fuel rail.

8. See Figure 9-10. Unplug ECT sensor connector [90B] by pulling external latch outward and using rocking motion to remove.

9. Loosen ECT sensor using socket. When sensor starts to turn easily, finish removing by hand.

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