Checking Oil Pressure

Operating oil pressure is checked as follows:

1. Fill crankcase to proper level.

2. Remove oil pressure switch from crankcase.

3. Attach OIL PRESSURE GAUGE (1) (HD-45308) to ADAPTER (2) (HD-45309).

4. Install in oil pressure switch mounting hole.


Engine oil should be at normal operating temperature 70° C (158° F) for an accurate reading.

5. Oil pressure should be 3-6.5 bar (43-94 psi) at 3000 rpm and normal operating temperature of 70° C (158° F).

Figure 3-4. Oil Pressure Indicator Lamp

Figure 3-5. Oil Pressure Gauge (HD-45308)

Figure 3-6. Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter (HD-45309)




Oil pressure gauge


Oil pressure gauge adapter

Figure 3-6. Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter (HD-45309)

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