Cleaning And Inspection

1. Inspect all components for wear or damage.

2. Clean underside of pillion and seat. Clean fender and frame mounting surfaces.


Do not use ordinary soap to clean the seat. Thoroughly clean with a quality saddle soap. Once the seat is dry it can be treated with HARLEY-DAVIDSON LEATHER CARE DRESSING (Part No. 98261-91V).

1. Hinge clip

2. Seat tether

Figure 2-105. Seat Hinge and Tether

1. Hinge clip

2. Seat tether

Figure 2-105. Seat Hinge and Tether


Pillion Grabstrap Mounting bolt and washer Rider's seat

Pillion mounting bolt and washer

Figure 2-106. Seat and Pillion

1. If necessary, install grabstrap. Tighten to 11-17 Nm (97-150 in-lbs).

2. Push pillion toward front of motorcycle until mounting hole in base is approximately 25 mm (1 inch) in front of mounting hole in frame.

3. While applying downward pressure on middle of pillion, slide pillion rearward to fully engage slot on bottom with tongue on top of fender. Push rearward until mounting hole on pillion base is aligned with mounting hole in frame.

4. Install pillion base to frame.Tighten fastener to 11 -17 Nm (97-150 in-lbs).

5. Install seat. Make sure both seat pins engage their bushings on the frame.

6. Press clip over seat hinge.

7. Install seat tether to hole in frame.

Figure 2-107. Seat Hinge and Clip

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