Hose clamp pliers

1. See Figure 2-51. Remove the reservoir cover (6) and gasket (7).

2. Over suitable container, separate and drain the reservoir (8) and hose (3).

3. Using HOSE CLAMP PLIERS (HD-41137), remove the hose clamps (9) from the remote reservoir hose (3).

4. Thoroughly clean exterior of master cylinder assembly with denatured alcohol.


Measure and record the length of threads showing on the rod end.

• The master cylinder can be assembled to this dimension to return the brake pedal to its original operating position.

• Rod end thread engagement of the push rod should be at least 11.5 mm (0.450 in).

5. Turning push rod (13) with wrench, break jam nut (19) loose. Remove rod end (18) with jam nut (19).

6. Push on cartridge housing (11) to separate from cartridge. Use hand pressure only.

7. Stand master cylinder assembly upright on banjo sealing surface. Be sure to lay down a clean shop cloth to protect the sealing surface from damage.

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