How To Change Water Cooling System Vrod

1. See Figure 6-16. Cut shrink clamps (9) from the coolant inlet and the coolant outlet pipes (2, 3) and hoses (10, 13, 21).


To remove shrink clamps without cutting, use a soldering iron and, carefully, melt a slice through the band without damaging the hose.

2. Loosen overflow hose clamp (17) and remove overflow hose (23) from filler neck.

3. Remove hose cover (22) and loosen upper clamp (19) from the water pump to coolant inlet pipe hose.

4. Clean hose mounting stems on the engine coolant inlet pipe (2) and the engine coolant outlet pipe (3) with a wire brush.

5. Inspect all components and replace as required.

5. Remove left side radiator cover. Remove radiator plug and drain engine coolant into suitable container.

6. Remove air filter top, air filter, breather hose, velocity stacks and air filter bottom. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

7. See Figure 6-16. Loosen pipe clamp (4). Loosen and remove fastener (7) holding p-clamp (8) to engine.

8. Squeeze clamp (17) and pull off end of overflow hose (23) at overflow bottle (14). Pull drain hose to radiator/oil cooler off overflow bottle. Remove overflow bottle (14).

9. Loosen clamps (12, 19) on bottom of hoses to water pump and thermostat.

10. Use a long thin screwdriver (Snap-on Part No. SDD1410) to loosen clamps (12) and pull hoses (10, 13) off radiator.

11. Remove engine coolant pipes (2, 3) with hoses (10, 13, 20, 21).

Rod Cooling System



Hose - engine coolant outlet pipe n radiator

Embossed arrow - top and front

Hose - coolant inlet pipe to radiator

Overflow bottle


Clamp - overflow hose Sleeve hose



Hose cover Overflow hose

Figure 6-16. Coolant Pipes and Hoses


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