Front Fork



1. Support motorcycle so front end is off floor and forks are fully extended.

2. Remove right side cover and maxi-fuse. See 8.5 MAXI-FUSE.

3. Remove airbox cover. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

4. Remove negative battery cable.

5. Remove both front brake calipers. See 2.18 FRONT BRAKE CALIPERS.

6. Remove front wheel. See 2.22 FRONT WHEEL.

7. Remove front fender bracket with the front fender. See 2.27 FRONT FENDER.

8. See Figure 2-90. On one side, first loosen pinch bolt (5) on top triple clamp (4).

9. Break loose but do not remove fork tube cap (17).

10. Loosen pinch bolts (5) on bottom triple clamp (14) and pull fork tube and slider assembly (10) from triple clamp.

11. Repeat procedure for opposite fork tube and slider assembly (10).

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