Gasoline Blends


Using gasoline that has an alcohol additive, such as methanol, may cause fuel system rubber components' failure and/or engine damage.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles were designed to give the best performance using unleaded gasoline. Some fuel suppliers sell gasoline/alcohol blends as a fuel. The type and amount of alcohol added to the fuel is important.

• DO NOT USE GASOLINES CONTAINING METHANOL. Using gasoline/methanol blends will result in starting and driveability deterioration and damage to critical fuel system components.

• ETHANOL is a mixture of 10% ethanol (Grain alcohol) and 90% unleaded gasoline. Gasoline/ethanol blends can be used in your motorcycle if the ethanol content does not exceed 10%.

• REFORMULATED OR OXYGENATED GASOLINES (RFG): "Reformulated gasoline" is a term used to describe gasoline blends that are specifically designed to burn cleaner than other types of gasoline. Your motorcycle will run normally using this type of gas.

You may find that some gasoline blends adversely affect the starting, driveability or fuel efficiency of your bike. If you experience one or more of these problems, we recommend you try a different brand of gasoline or gasoline with a higher octane rating.

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