The clutch is hydraulically actuated. Squeezing the clutch hand lever causes the clutch master cylinder to apply pressure via the clutch fluid in the clutch line to the secondary clutch actuator mounted to the engine right side cover. The secondary clutch actuator piston extends and contacts the clutch release bearing which disengages the clutch.

A bleeder screw at the secondary clutch actuator allows bleeding air from the clutch lines. D.O.T. 5 SILICONE BRAKE FLUID is used in the clutch system.

Check the clutch fluid level in the clutch fluid reservoir on left handlebar. If the sight gauge is dark, the fluid level in the reservoir is above the sight gauge prism and the reservoir is full. If the sight gauge appears clear, the fluid level is below the sight gauge prism and the fluid level should be checked. Fluid level should be level with the internal shelf marked FILL LEVEL with the motorcycle upright.

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