Maximum tire mileage and good handling qualities are directly related to wheel and tire care. Wheels and tires should be inspected regularly for wear. If handling problems occur, check 1.27 TROUBLESHOOTING for possible causes.

Preliminary Inspection - Brake Discs

1. Measure brake disc thickness for excessive wear. Minimum acceptable thickness is stamped on side of disc.

2. If warped, replace disc. Maximum allowable lateral runout of a spring washer mounted brake disc is 0.3 mm (0.012 in.).

3. If scored, replace disc.

Preliminary Inspection - Wheel/Tire

1. Block motorcycle underneath frame so front wheel is raised off the ground.

2. Inspect tire for wear and wear pattern. Replace tire as necessary.

3. Inspect air valve. Replace as necessary.

4. Inspect wheel bearing end play and service bearings if necessary. If end play is 0.051 mm (0.002 in.) or more, replace the wheel bearings. See 2.24 SEALED WHEEL BEARINGS.

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1. Disc wheel

3. Spring washer (5 per brake disc)

6. Plug

7. Balance weight

8. Air valve cap

9. Sleeve

Figure 2-64. Front Wheel Components

Figure 2-65. Caliper Mounting Bolts

1. Block motorcycle underneath frame so front wheel is off the ground.


To protect against shock and accidental start-up of vehicle, remove the maxi-fuse before proceeding. Inadequate safety precautions could result in death or serious injury.

2. Remove right side cover and maxi-fuse.

3. See Figure 2-65. Remove both upper and lower mounting bolts to remove brake caliper assembly.

4. Support calipers using a rubber bungee cord. Be careful not to scratch fender or fork slider finish.

5. Repeat to remove opposite caliper.


Do not operate front brake lever with the front wheel removed or the caliper piston may be forced out of piston bore. Reseating the piston requires disassembly of the caliper.

6. See Figure 2-66. Loosen pinch bolts (2) in right side axle holder (4).

7. Insert screwdriver or steel rod through hole in axle (1) on right side. While holding axle stationary, remove axle nut (5).

8. Pull axle out while retaining the left and right wheel spacers (3).

9. Remove wheel assembly from forks.

Figure 2-65. Caliper Mounting Bolts

1. Axle

2. Pinch bolts (screws)

3. Left and right wheel spacer

4. Axle holder (right side only)

5. Axle nut

6. Bolt

7. Spring washer

Figure 2-66. Front Wheel Mounting

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