Harley Davidson V-rod Vrsca Alternator Stator Cover

Figure 8-8. Stator-to-Regulator Connector

1. Alternator cover

2. Gasket alignment dowel (2)

3. Derby cover fasteners

4. Alternator cover remover/installer tool (HD-45304)

Figure 8-9. Removing Alternator Cover

1. Thoroughly clean alternator cover and gasket sealing surface on engine case. Remove any sealing material from gasket sealing surfaces.

2. See Figure 8-10. Install stator assembly (2) in alternator cover (1). Make sure to orient stator so that wiring harness exits stator housing at approximately 3 O'clock position. Line up three fastener holes in stator with holes in alternator cover. Install three stator mounting fasteners and tighten to 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs).

3. Put a thin film of silicone sealant on stator wiring harness grommet (7). Press grommet down into slot in alternator cover. Make sure flat surface of grommet is flush with gasket sealing surface of alternator cover.

4. Install fastener with captive washer (4). Make sure wiring harness is fully seated in slot and not pinched between washer and alternator cover. Tighten to 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs).

5. Install harness clip (6) into alternator cover. Secure with fastener (5). Tighten to 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs).

6. See Figure 8-9. Make sure ALTERNATOR STATOR COVER REMOVER/INSTALLER TOOL (Part Number HD-45304) (4) is installed as shown. Secure to alternator cover with two derby cover fasteners. Turn handle of tool clockwise (CW) several turns.

7. Make sure two GASKET ALIGNMENT DOWELS (Part Number HD-45340) (2) are installed in case.

8. Slide new alternator cover gasket onto alignment dowels and press flush against engine case.

9. Slide alternator cover onto alignment dowels. Turn handle of remover/installer counterclockwise (CCW) until it turns freely. Remove two derby cover fasteners and remover/installer tool.


To avoid oil leaks caused by warping of alternator cover, in next step, tighten fasteners in alternating pattern back and forth across face of cover. See Figure 8-11.

10. Secure alternator cover to engine case with 14 fasteners. Tighten to 9.7 Nm (85 in-lbs).

11. Clean derby cover. Inspect o-ring on derby cover. Replace if damaged.

12. Install derby cover on alternator cover with two fasteners. Tighten to 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs).

13. Route stator wiring harness through cable clip on top of jiffy stand. Latch cable clip.

14. Plug stator connector into three-wire voltage regulator connector. Secure connector to left side of radiator cover with connector clip.

15. Install radiator trim cover onto radiator cover. Make sure no wires become pinched under cover. Secure with fastener. Tighten to 3-4 Nm (26-35 in-lbs).

16. Replace maxi-fuse. See 8.5 MAXI-FUSE.

17. Test alternator output according to instructions in VRSCA Electrical Diagnostic Manual .

How Install Harley Jiffy Stand

1. Alternator cover

2. Stator assembly

3. Stator mounting fasteners (3) @ 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs)

4. Fastener with captive washer @ 8.2-10.7 Nm (72-95 in-lbs)

6. Harness clip

7. Grommet

8. Stator wiring harness connector

Figure 8-10. Removing Stator from Alternator Cover

Stator Plate Removal
Figure 8-11. Alternator Cover Fastener Tightening Sequence @ 9.7 Nm (85 in-lbs)
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