Harley-Davidson motorcycles sold in the state of California are equipped with an evaporative (EVAP) emissions control system. The EVAP system prevents fuel hydrocarbon vapors from escaping into the atmosphere and is designed to meet the California Air Resource Board (CARB) regulations in effect at the time of manufacture.

The EVAP functions in the following manner:

• Hydrocarbon vapors in the fuel tank are directed through the vapor valve and stored in the charcoal canister. If the vehicle is tipped at an abnormal angle, the vapor valve closes to prevent liquid gasoline from leaking out of the fuel tank through the vent hose.

• When the engine is running, intake venturi negative pressure (vacuum) draws off the hydrocarbon vapors from the charcoal canister when the purge solenoid is open. These vapors pass through the intake and are burned as part of normal combustion in the engine. The purge solenoid is timed to the throttle position but is disabled at startup, low engine temperature, low engine speed, or low vehicle speed.


Verify that the evaporative emissions vent hoses do not contact hot exhaust or engine parts. The hoses contain flammable vapors that can be ignited if damaged which could result in death or serious injury.


The EVAP system has been designed to operate with a minimum of maintenance. Check that all hoses are properly connected, are not pinched or kinked and are routed properly. Improper connections could leak charcoal from canister.

v0032x1x v0032x1x

1. Fuel tank top plate

2. Vent hose

3. Purge solenoid

4. Purge solenoid to throttle body hose

5. Canister to purge solenoid hose

6. Vapor valve frame clip

7. Charcoal canister

8. Vapor valve

Figure 4-10. Evaporative Emissions Control System

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