Hot Engine Oil Level Check

Check engine oil level with engine at normal operating temperature as follows:

1. Stop engine and allow oil to drain into sump for about two minutes.

2. Stand motorcycle upright (not leaning on side stand) on a level surface.

3. See Figure 1-13. Unscrew filler cap (with attached dipstick) located at front of engine on left side. Remove filler cap and dipstick and wipe dipstick clean.

4. Screw filler cap into engine. Make sure cap is fully seated on crankcase.


How Check Motorcycle Oil Level Stick

Figure 1-14. Dipstick

2. FULL mark

Figure 1-14. Dipstick


Cross hatched band of dipstick indicates 0.47 liter (1/2 quart) of Harley-Davidson oil.

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