Inspect critical fasteners, except head bolts:

• At the first scheduled service interval.

• At every 16,000 km (10,000 mile) service interval thereafter.

See Table 1-8. Tighten all critical fasteners, except head bolts, to service manual specifications. Replace any damaged or missing hardware.

Table 1-8. Critical Fasteners




Hand controls

Upper and lower switch housings

4.0-5.1 Nm

35-45 in-lbs

Clutch lever handlebar clamp

6.8-9.0 Nm

60-80 in-lbs

Master cylinder handlebar clamp

6.8-9.0 Nm

60-80 in-lbs


Banjo bolts

23.0-29.8 Nm

17-22 ft-lbs

Lower brake caliper mounting pin

38.0-51.5 Nm

28-38 ft-lbs

Brake disc screws, front

21.7-32.5 Nm

16-24 ft-lbs

Brake disc screws, rear

40.7-47.5 Nm

30-35 ft-lbs

Reservoir screws

0.7-0.9 Nm

6-8 in-lbs

Rear master cylinder mounting nut

54.2-67.8 Nm

40-50 ft-lbs

Axle nuts

Front axle

68-75 Nm

50-55 ft-lbs

Rear axle

129-142.3 Nm

95-105 ft-lbs

Front fork/handlebars

Lower fork pinch bolts

41-47 Nm

30-35 ft-lbs

Upper bracket pinch bolts

41-47 Nm

30-35 ft-lbs


Lower frame rail bolts

61-75 Nm

45-55 ft-lbs

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