1. See Figure 2-5. Install left rear engine mount (19) in left side frame weldment.

2. Install pivot shaft spacer in left rear engine mount. See 2.33 REAR FORK.

3. Orient flanged side of right rear engine mount toward outside of the rear engine mount bracket (21), and thread mounting bolts (23) with narrow washers (22) through bracket into frame bosses.

4. Install pivot shaft spacer in right engine mount.

5. Tighten mounting bolts (23) to 34-41 Nm (25-30 ft-lbs).


The left and right rear fork pivot shaft spacers are inserted into the engine mounts. Verify that the pivot shaft spacers are in position before installation of the pivot shaft.

6. Replace engine. See 2.9 ENGINE REPLACEMENT.

7. Connect negative battery cable. Tighten to 6.8-10.8 Nm (60-96 in-lbs).

8. Install airbox cover.

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