1. Purge hose to canister (CARB)

2. Vent hose from vapor valve and fuel tank (TANK)

1. Position the two segments of the brackets on the new charcoal canister between the two segments of the canister mounting bracket welded to the frame.

2. See Figure 4-13. Press the canister in toward the bracket until it holds both the upper and lower retention tangs in.

3. Slide the canister into the bracket clips (1) until the tangs (2, 3) snap into place.

4. See Figure 4-12. Attach hoses to left side canister connections (1, 2) as marked.

5. Install new EVAP system label on front frame down tube.

Figure 4-12. Charcoal Canister Connections

1. See Figure 4-12. Note the two hose connections, CARB (1) and TANK (2), on the left side of the canister. Gently pull the hoses off the charcoal canister.

Bracket clips Top retention tang Bottom retention tang

Bracket clips Top retention tang Bottom retention tang

Figure 4-13. Charcoal Canister Mounting Bracket

2. See Figure 4-13. With a screwdriver, press the retention tang (3) in on the bottom of the canister bracket while pressing on the opposite side of the canister. When the bracket on the canister slides just far enough out of the bracket clips (1) to hold the bottom tang in, press in on the top tang (2) and continue to slide the charcoal canister out until it drops free from the bracket clips.

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