Iat Connector Vrod

1. See Figure 9-8. Inspect IAT o-ring (1). Replace IAT sensor if o-ring is worn or damaged.

2. Apply clean engine oil to IAT sensor o-ring.

3. Install IAT sensor into upper airbox.

4. Connect IAT sensor connector [89B],

5. Replace airbox cover. See 1.4 AIRBOX AND AIR FILTER.

6. Replace the maxi-fuse.

7. Replace right side cover.

Figure 9-6. Intake Air Temperature Sensor Location

Figure 9-7. IAT Connector Wire Form v0096x8x

Harley Davidson Intake Air Temp Sensor

2. Retaining fingers

Figure 9-8. IAT Sensor

2006 Harley Vrod Iat Sensor
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