1. Lightly grease open end of tumbler.


The lock can be installed so that the key will lock the forks with either a counterclockwise or clockwise turn. When the splined retaining key is on top of tumbler, the key will rotate counterclockwise to lock the forks and clockwise to unlock the forks.

2. See Figure 2-98. Slide tumbler (7) into fork lock boss (8) with rotation pin (3) and retaining key (2) at the top of the fork lock boss (8).


The beveled end of the plunger will compress the rotation pin so that the plunger can be slid into place.

3. With the beveled end of plunger (6) facing the rotation pin (3), push the plunger into boss until plunger locks into place.

4. Turn the key from notch to notch. Locking pin should be below fork lock boss in unlocked position and 1/4 inch above boss in locked position.

5. Install upper triple clamp.

Figure 2-98. Fork Lock Components


Figure 2-98. Fork Lock Components



8. Half-moon opening - fork lock boss

9. Plunger boss

Key -1/2 way rotation Retaining key

Rotation pin -1/2 way rotation


Plunger slot

Plunger bevel


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