1. See Figure 4-6. Slide rheostatic slide with fuel level sender float (3) into notch in top plate. Orient the scale so that the graduated side of the slide faces the fuel level wire connector on the top plate.

2. With the fuel level sender float on the slide (3) so that the half-round side faces out, thread in and tighten the retaining screw into the stop bracket at the bottom of the rheostatic slide (3).

3. Attach the yellow wire lead to the graduated side of the rheostatic slide (3) and the double black lead to the opposite side.

4. Install fuel pump/filters/fuel level sender assembly into gas tank. See 4.2 FUEL PUMP/FILTERS/FUEL LEVEL SENDER ASSEMBLY.

5. Verify that the fuel gauge indicates the corresponding fuel level after installing the fuel pump/filters/fuel level sender assembly.




Hose clamp pliers

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