1. See Figure 2-100. Coat shoulder of top shock bolt (1) with LOCTITE® 243 (blue). Insert bolt and spacer (2) through upper shock mounts.

2. Insert shock mounting nuts through left and right fender support and side rails.

3. Thread top shock bolts (1) through top shock damper spacer (2) into threads of shock mounting nut.

4. Pivot shock absorbers to align lower shock mounts with mounting holes in rear fork.

5. Lift rear fork to meet lower shock mounts.

6. Coat threads with LOCTITE® ANTI-SEIZE and thread left side lower shock bolt (1) and washer (3) through shock mount and rear fork into belt guard.

7. Coat threads with LOCTITE® ANTI-SEIZE and thread right side bottom shock mount bolt (1) and washer (3) through bottom shock mount in rear fork into thin height nut (5).

8. Tighten shock mount fasteners to 41-68 Nm (31-50 ft-Ibs).

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