1. See Figure 2-5. Start, but do not tighten bolts (10) and washers (9) fastening engine mount bracket (4) to engine cylinder head.

2. Attach frame bracket to frame with double threaded studs.

3. Alternately tighten and loosen engine mount bolts (10) and the two threaded studs (11). Tighten the engine bolts (10) and the two threaded studs (11) to 34-41 Nm (25-30 ft-lbs).

4. Tighten center mounting bolt (2) and travel limiting washer to 34-41 Nm (25-30 ft-lbs)

5. Install frame end of tie link (15) to frame bracket. Tighten to 34-41 Nm (25-30 ft-lbs).

6. Insert bolt through tie link (15) and spacer (17) and thread into engine crankcase. Tighten bolt to 34-41 Nm (25-30 ft-lbs).

7. Replace radiator assembly. See 6.8 RADIATOR/OIL COOLER.

8. Connect negative battery cable. Tighten to 6.8-10.8 Nm (60-96 in-lbs).

9. Install airbox cover.

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