Installing Pushto Seat Terminals


For wire location purposes, alpha characters are stamped onto the secondary locks or onto the wire end of the connector housing.

1. To install a terminal back into the chamber of the connector housing, use a thin flat blade, like that on an X-Acto knife, and carefully bend the tang outward away from the terminal body.

2. Push the lead into the chamber at the wire end of the connector. A click is heard when the terminal is properly seated.

3. Gently tug on the wire end to verify that the terminal is locked in place and will not back out of the chamber.

4. Close or install the secondary lock. Ignition Switch: Rotate the hinged secondary lock inward until tabs fully engage latches on both sides of connector.

5. Push the pin and socket halves of the connector together until the latches "click."

6. Install connector on retaining device, if present.

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